What is home?

It seems like a hard question but when you think about it, a spontaneous answer comes 

to mind. Family, friends, a safe place, where you can be your true self... We've asked strangers with different jobs, perspectives and answers.


Transmedia campaign

Bis Issue North‘s key values are meeting as equals and looking at people as individuals without judging. These values are the basis for a transmedia campaign Pegah Arshad-Riahi, Felix Kerner and I developed in cooperation with the team and vendors of Big Issue North in Leeds.


Our team got the incredible opportunity to accompany support workers on various outreaches where we got to meet Big Issue North's vendors at their selling pitches and could observe their warm and polite interaction with people.

Who is the target audience?

In a survey, our team found out that many people do not buy the magazine. Even more interesting were the reasons why they don't do it.

A concept based on empathy

Knowing what keeps members of the general public from buying the magazine, we developed a concept that is based on emotions: by pointing out similarities like the definition of the place we call 'home', the concept is supposed to help people discover new perspectives and empathise with the vulnerable adults.