Not enough time

The brief

The task of RSA's Design Student Awards was to create an inspiring animation to enrich the audio‘s content and increase accessability.


We all know it: having a very long to-do list that is completely unrealistic to complete.


What causes this problem?

– not being able to prioritise

– setting unreasonable standards

– not reclaiming free time

– feeling like not doing enough


– the phenomenon of “gatekeeping“

Storyboard & timeline

 As Tiffany Dufu‘s speech is the key component of the animation, the audio file serves as a guideline to structure the content. After first scribbles of a storyboard, it becomes clear that the animation should not be overloaded or distract from the important message.


Moreover, the animation is supposed to propose a solution: creating a to-do list that is manageable and focusses on the most important tasks.

The women

The women shown in the animation stand for the 70 women of Tiffany Dufu's workshop (mentioned in her speech) as well as for all the other women struggling with too many tasks on their to-do lists.


To make this as clear as possible to the audience, I created female characters of a very broad demographic.